1. Tonite

From the recording Hey Sicko

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Soul of a widow, all in black
She takes her seat at the banquet
the Men and the women, sing and stare As fear lays down she can taste it...

Oh Tonite, Oh Tonite, There she cries, Oh Tonite

Wild with desire, She takes flight, Hoping she's some kind of special Fly's like an eagle, out the back Raging and gunning for battle

Oh Tonite, Oh Tonite, There she flys, Oh Tonite

She's out in the night, live or die she's playing for love

Lamb to the slaughter, it's win or lose her way, cause she's out looking for something
Deep in the canyons, with howling wolves she's gone, she's gone looking for something

Oh Tonite, Oh Tonite, There she lies, Oh Tonite